What Happens If a Child Is Not Interested in Visiting the Other Parent?

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What Happens If a Child Is Not Interested in Visiting the Other Parent

Since your divorce, have either of these events frequently happened in your home?

Your 8-year-old son is reluctant to leave the house and cries out, “I want to stay home with you!” as he prepares to spend the weekend with your ex.

Your daughter, who is 15 years old, flatly declines to go. She looks down at her phone and texts, “I want to see my friends this weekend!”

Your ex is waiting for the kids and pondering what is happening while the drama inside plays out. Everyone is becoming angrier by the second as tension rises. Learn more by reading on.

What follows, then?

Unfortunately, there are no easy answers.

No matter how difficult it may be, it is your duty as the custodial parent to ensure the children and your ex-spouse have a connection. It is crucial for kids and teenagers to maintain positive ties with both of their parents, and whether one parent likes it or not, this requires cooperation from both parents.

When a younger child refuses to leave one parent for visitation with the other parent, you must persuade them to go even though they do not want to. The parents, ultimately in charge of the child’s behavior, decide whether or not the youngster should visit.

This point must be kept in mind since it is the parents who will be held accountable if a kid does not visit as stipulated in the divorce decision. You risk being found in contempt of court if you do not send your child for visitation in accordance with the visitation order.

For parental visitation with small children, the two parents share primary responsibility, but there are more latitudes regarding teenagers. Most teenagers, whether divorced or still married, prefer to hang out with their friends than either of their parents since they are older and more capable of making their own judgments. 

Choosing Next Steps

These are only a few factors you and your ex-spouse should take into account when deciding how to manage the scenario of a kid refusing to adhere to a visitation schedule because every family dynamic is unique.  The most crucial thing is to keep the lines of communication open between you and your ex-spouse in order to resolve the issue together. Both parents must unite and persuade kids to adhere to the visitation plan despite the hurt, wrath, and despair that may have led to your divorce.

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