How Do Cashless Garages Work In Car Insurance

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All vehicles operating on Indian roads must have a Third-Party Liability cover and a minimum level of motor insurance, as per the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. For additional protection, the policyholder may add their own damage insurance coverage to the policy in addition to this coverage. By doing this, his car insurance policy would be upgraded to a comprehensive one that would protect him from accidents. One can also use the Bajaj Allianz car insurance app to manage all your car insurance features. *

Cashless Services At Network Garages

The policyholder may take their vehicle to any network garages on the insurance provider’s list for repairs under the Cashless Insurance cover. The customer receives a particular benefit from these network garages because he is not required to pay the repair costs upfront. They have connections with the insurance company.

No More Hassles During Repair Work

If your car is in an accident, you should call your insurance provider as soon as possible to report the incident. While waiting for the repair to be finished, you should provide the authorised network garage with all necessary documentation. You won’t have to deal with the hassles of fixing the car, and you’ll get it back in mint condition. However, you will be responsible for paying the mandatory deductibles specified in the terms and conditions of the insurance policy. Get an app for car insurance to manage your insurance on the go.

How Cashless Network Garage Services Operate

Car insurance firms usually collaborate with well-known network garages in a community. Customers are informed of the network garages they can visit when purchasing a policy. The insurer’s official website will also have a list of service locations. Alternatively, you can get the list of network garages from insurance brokers or the insurer’s help desk.

When a policyholder is involved in an accident that damages the insured vehicle, the vehicle is inspected, and a request for a cashless settlement of repairs is made. The service centre repairs the car and sends the invoices to the insurer for the claim settlement after the insurance company has granted this request. The insurance provider examines the invoice and confirms that all charges are legitimate. The bill is paid to the network garage once the verification process is complete. Make sure you follow the process of car insurance renewal online on time. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under a motor insurance policy.


The cashless car insurance policy is a great idea, especially when a repair is needed. When purchasing this cover, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • The insurance company will cover only the repair costs for damages covered by car insurance. The car owner will be responsible for paying the repair costs if the vehicle’s damaged parts include any that the insurance policy does not cover.
  • Cashless network garages are only available in some places, as was already mentioned. You might have to travel a long way to get your car to a cashless network garage.

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